From minimalism to essentialism. 

Then to growth mindset and to abundance mindset. 

I was an abundant year.

June Tybee Island Triathon   (sprint)

June Leadville100 training camp
July Peachtree 10K Atlanta
August Leadville 100 – DNF
September:  100 miles run  – Wildcat Ultra;   Wildcat100s
June Tybee Island Triathlon (sprint) .
June Leadville100 training camp
July Peachtree 10K Atlanta
August Leadville 100 – DNF
November – IMFL2017   –
By the end of this massive action-packed year I looked back and saw –  so. much. life.  I browsed through pictures. Every day or every couple of days was – so. bright. Glowing with love to life and that bright life shared with my dear ones.
From the planning out the year, to the ideas of attempting to do all those powerful and empowering endurance events I got to the place of gratefulness for every moment of going all-out. Of living it up.  Doing Hard Things Voluntarily .  And that itself enhanced my journey to the point of living more then I ever lived before.
I was living a minimalist life for several years already.
2018: In January this year I set a focus for myself to learn more about Essentialist ways , having read “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”  by Greg McKeown
In a surprising way that brought me to the essence of the concept of Abundance.  I am in awe how much more life there is out there to experience.
All of the endurance events this year brought me to the place of peace in assurance of this immense power I can tap into at any moment. All the long solo miles out there taught  me to lean onto this power  at any moment I need it. It helped me to tap into the idea of abundance of life overall in every aspect of it – love, work, practical side  – so. much. more.
Then I got to know that all of this is actually that Abundance Mindset is a whole concept!
So there is this “Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset concept.
“The abundance mindset flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. It is a paradigm that is grounded in the belief that ‘there is more than enough’ for everyone. Alternatively, a scarcity mindset is the belief that there will never be enough, resulting in feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety.” 
That abundance mindset is pretty much triggered every time you open your eyes in morning with feeling of gratefulness. I can pinpoint the times when I fell to scarcity mindset loop now and working on it every time – there is so much more to learn about it!
Check out both of them, sign up for some crazy event that you think is impossibly hard for you, grow, learn and share all these adventures on!
at Wildcat Ultra – 2.5 mile loop at Pensacola Equestrian Center  40 times make 100 miles!

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