1 Half-Ironman 70.3 distance in 6 hours in January

50 miler in Destin on sand 11 hours – February

54 miles on 1 mile loop Ft Benning in 12 hours   – March

62 miles in Tuscany, Italy, in 18 hours – April

back2backs – 26mile – 20 miles in Leadville training camp, Colorado  – June

Leadville, Colorado – 50 miles in 15 hours – DNF – August

IMCHOO – Ironman Chattanooga 144.smth miles of swim-bike-walk – 15,5 hours  – September

IMLOU Ironman Louisville 140.smth miles of tri – 2 weeks later, 14.5 hours – October (signed up on site as a last moment decision)

And all the days in between filled up.

It’s been a big  year packed condensed into just 10 months.


– What motivates you to do all this? – they ask me in office when we get to talk about the distances I do.

– What’s the point? – I get that question sometimes as well . I used to think it’s a statement more of a question. Now I know my answer, so it’s easy to answer it as well/

– It’s crazy, why bother if you are not winning  the 1st place? (getting faster / doing only PRs – you name it)   – I get this as well.

– It’s amazing how you do all this.

– How do you do all this?

When I started running, got my bike, got swimming and discovered a whole world of athletes of all sorts and types , I felt as a baby among those with history of endless races of all sorts of distances    I saw the way all these dreamers and doers imprint of their personality into the history of a place they live at .

I test limits   during all those hours and hours and hours on trails, in the pool, on my bike. I get them redefined for myself. I grow.

It’s mental – assorting knowledge, learning, remembering, using my knowledge for better performance. It’s being sure and positive and calm in any given situation.

It’s practical – by getting that strong I get so much energy to perform  better at anything I get to do.

It’s spiritual – it takes faith.

It’s letting go and jumping head first sometimes. It’s loving the world and people I get to meet.

–          What motivates you to do all this?

–          Life does – I say. –  I love my life.  I love living breathing it all – the water, the air, the earth beneath me and everything around. Being able to experience this all – that’s what motivates me. Curiosity about what ELSE is out there if I can do THIS?

Life driven by curiosity, not just by practical calculations or logical conclusions.

–          Why do you do all this?

To experience life with those folks that might be as crazy as I am. To share life. To love. Right where I am and around where I landed. Changing the world around me with my tribe. Not searching for an allegedly better place.

I am already in my “better place”.

It’s been what looks like the happiest and most fulfilling year in my life.

–          Let this race be your celebration of an amazing year! – my coach said before I went to IMCHOO-2016.

And celebration it was. A year packed with moments of a bright happy life.  Wind in my hair, sweat and soreness. Water on my face , pressed upon my hands. Laughs and memories created together with my tribe.


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