– Yes, but why are you doing this? I don’t even bike that far!

I told my random riding partner at the Tony Serrano century ride that I did 52 miles in Destin in February and 54 miles a few weeks ago in Fort Benning in March. That lead up to my upcoming 62 miles run in Tuscany, Italy in April. All in preparation for the biggest dream to come true – 100 mile run in Leadville, CO in August.

Last weekend my best friend was standing at the start line of 24 miles swim. 24 miles swim

And that was a reaction (the “why???”) of a random stranger that was not even that far culturally – at least we were about over mile 30 of the bike ride! I know that a few years ago  I shuffled through my first 5K, I barely could imagine what long distance running is. I know for people who don’t get themselves involved in any sort of exercise this lifestyle looks sort of insane or far out there.

I see it as a mere sort of another normal human lifestyle. Natural. Normal. Something anybody is capable of given proper time, opportunity, support, effort and motivation. I think humans are capable of much more, and not just some of outstanding representatives of human race, but each and every one of us.

For one simple reason: this rising up over and pushing though what seemed impossible before is what every one can do at many different levels. It just so happened that I found my distance and my way of “redefining possible” through the triathlon and long distance sport and the lifestyle it comes with.

Last year Destin 50 miler run was a tough one for me mentally . This year – it was so much easier physically, and the run was more of a self-realization.  There was a moment when I got to that point when I felt: ok, this IS the maximum effort. That it was not possible to go on. Yet it was possible.

Now I know it is possible for me to get to the next level of running.

A year ago the trip to Italy to run a 100K race seemed impossible. I registered for the race in September 2015. This year – the way this trip to Italy for the race got arranged as if the little pieces in a way pieces of mosaics fall together.  The way the training was – it seemed to me that I never ran this much in my life. That it is not possible to run this much.That it is not possible to arrange the training in proper balance considering my work and personal life. That it is not possible to arrange the trip to Italy.

Yet it is happening. I am here, in Italy, in hopes that tomorrow run goes well enough.

Here: the real example of manifestation of the dream I got some time ago.

So why do we do all this?

To see the impossible becoming possible – is one of my answers. To live this life up and share it on. There are many answers. And I do hope there is something good to be manifesting out of these answers further down the road.


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