Those shivers you get when you you know your wish upon a star is coming true?

Right. Now.  That gratitude –  for a Miracle abound.

The humbled readiness to receive the gift you did not expect but wished for.

I’ve started 2015 wraping up my wishes into 1 word: VITALITY
And – oh, it was the year of LIFE! My 2015 was more saturated with LIFE , in spirit, in every day, in practical way, work, triathlon – then I’ve ever felt through years lived through before.

I started “naming” my years since 2012, and here’s how it worked.
I did not intend it to be following any pattern, but a friend of mine, a physicist,
compared the pattern with the one of a star lifecycle. I liked that!

2012: the year of “GRAVTATION”: I’ve summoned up my skills, pulled inwards,
closed up, reviewed my strengths, gathered up evidence of what I can do well enough.

2013: – the year of “EXPLOSION” – I used my summoned power for expanding the ranges of my activities,
I rocked at Half-Ironman triathlons, ran alot, and shaped up my team at work.
The explosion did leave some “lack holes” behind though!

2014 was bound to be the “RADIANCE” year.
Words are not enough to describe the power of the Light I felt through the year.
I was blessed and blessed and blessed with the ultimate happiness and feeling acute-alive.

avatarakali 2015, January .

By the end of 2015 I’m just gaining the momentum carrying me through to 2016.


2014 was the year the butterfly just hatched. 2015 was the year of getting my wings colored and strengthen. I was blessed to share the colors of this season with those around me. A moment of Life at a time. A blog post once in a few months. I watched this year happening with this astonishment of an unpredictable story of Life unfolding around me. Feeling the winds lifting up my wings. Getting stronger then ever before with the help of triathlon community, with help of my coach Haley

All of that: in order to see the manifestation of what I wish for getting real.

How does it work?

I don’t know! I do not want to dissect the Miracle into rules and formulas. This is not how creative life works. I don’t know the recipe for getting manifestation working (maybe Kathryn Alice does!)

I know that living it up and , at the same time – letting it go , taking leap of faith, relying on kindness of strangers , believing in miracles – does work!


I know that this year I was open to unpredictability of Life. I was savoring little moments. And celebrating milestones. I was trying to share the most positive on. And waiting for even more of Life to happen. It’s that belief, that level of Faith, when you know you are going to be OK and even better then OK further on. No matter what hapens.

This year I learned more

This year I stumbled, I wasn’t on top of all the task list all the time, but – kept going. Some people left my world, yet many walked into my life. I’ve balanced out work, personal interests and hobbies, and triathlon (which is far off the “hobby” definition for me!) bibs

Here’s the list of races for 2015 I could remember


   467.4 in racing miles

  • What motivates you to do all these races?



    I get this question quite often

And the answer is still the same : I love living it up!

I love feeling that miracle of Life happening with me during every moment of the race or on a regular day.

I try to keep extending it through to the daily life. I love sharing this astonishment of being somehow blessed with all this unpredictable, amazing Life – with those who get it.

Give it a try

Make your wishes for 2016 by this end of the year. Set your goals.

Write them down, post them, make that vision board. Imagine all of that excitement you will get when they do come true. Place your goals in a structured list or sprinkle them on a collage . Chat about them all over, or don’t tell anybody. Anything that works for you – dream on. And the see the way your personal story – unfolding for you. Watch the manifestation of your desires, spiritual or practical – being Gifted to you from above. Be willing to receive them humbly and with awe and laugh about all the twists and turns of the year 2015 to come you could not even imagine in 2015

And ….

….be ready to be Amazed. 


Happy Holidays !

2 thoughts on “Amazed

  1. Hmmm
    Love your writing !
    So here it is: my 2015
    Jan hits Naples 1/2 ironman 6:03
    Feb cape Elizebeth 10 miler
    April race the Runway 1/2 Marathon 1:56
    Bridge the gap 10 miler 1:25
    May Y swim meet 50,100,200,500 FS
    Boggy 5K ( ride bike 35 miles to and
    From race :26:
    Waldo Y Sprint Tri 1:19
    Sugarloaf Marathon 4:33
    June Trek Across Maine Am Lung Ass.
    3 day 180 mile charity ride
    July st Andrews Challenge 1/2 IM 6:24
    Lake Placid IM 14:50
    August Beach to Beacon 10 k :56
    Mt Washington Accent 7:00
    Blueberry Cove 1/2 Narathon 1:57
    Maine Challenge 1/2 IM 6:03
    Sept Maine Sport Olympic Tri 2:45
    Lobsterman Olympic Tri 3:04
    Oct. Maine 1/2 Marathon w/ Court
    MDI Marathon 5.06
    Black Bear Sprint Tri 1:22
    Dec Froz 5 K 500 Elv hill run 27:49

    Just sayin
    There is a parallel here, except you are a beautiful writer and more grounded :)))
    Thank you!

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