“It’s not pressure – this is an opportunity.”

Haley , via  Wave of Enthusiasm  article 

“You would not be given the desire if you didn’t also have the ability to make it come true”

Life Coaching School podcast

A year ago I was planning my 2016. Thinking: ” I have no idea how to make my desires for self-growth turn into reality”. I did not have time to learn all the details about how to tri better – it’s not my profession, I have my work and professional interests I needed my time for. I got to the point when in order to excel I need to find somebody to learn from. I needed help and guidance in my journey from somebody who sees more in me then even I can see.
I read all those articles

“why you need a coach” /

“why you don’t need a coach” /

“why you need to train with a group / triathlon club”.

I checked out prices vs. services all over – offline / local coaches and clubs…
– You will not like it, – said a friend about me getting coached. – cause you would have to quit overtraining and doing that much as you do.

I was a bit doubting my intention to find a coach: who would want to train an ultra-runner having a wish to do long distance swims while preparing for an Ironman?
I talked to many people. I talked to several coaches of different level in terms of the way my schedule would look like, or the way my training year would look like… As much as I liked some of the coaches I talked with, nothing “clicked”.
A friend mentioned Haley Chura.
I saw Haley couple of times at the Dynamo pool.  She looked like a teenager. Her eyes were the eyes of a fighter with centuries of experience. Her energy was beaming like a star. She is a star: a pro, a winner. I never could even grasp that level of professionalism in triathlon.
I taken a gasp of air and sent her my questions.

– I want to get better on bike
– I want to keep long distance events as part of 2015: Destin 50 miler in Feb 12 miler swim Key West June 4th, IMLOU

All the coaches except http://www.zentriathlon.com/ did not really embrace the idea of the 12 miles Swim Around Key West and long distance running combined with Ironman training.
Haley was – all enthusiasm.

Her approach “You can’t imagine how much MORE you can do yet but we will get you there!” . This approach was MORE then I could even hope for. Her amazing personality was there as well – she inspired me every time we’d meet in real. DYNAMO group became another extended friends group. I met some amazing athletes at Dynamo Masters swims I visited religiously during my preparations for Key West.

We started 2015 with establishing the base for the further work together by couple of months of trying different schedules/ approaches. We communicated almost daily through Training Peaks or emails. The detailed swim practices schedules Haley gave me made me scratch my head every time: “You want me to do…. what??? ”.

The Run 

The 2-a-day training runs for 50 miler in Destin was something that I would do myself but with a different schedule. I did enjoy running as much as wanted to, it was just ENHANCED with more precise works on treadmill.
– You will get tied also but you will feel different. – said Haley once

– I would have never do this myself , thank you! – was my thought for like half of the workouts.
I started doing weights training regularly. By the end of the year I learned to run steady without distractions using my core to stabilize myself.
The Swim.
Haley was the reason I was able to do the 12.5 miles swim around Key West. I did not have a swim background, I had some base I built up myself before, but had no idea how to make the long distance swim happen.
– She looks like a swimmer now!
DYNAMO 50 meters pool and Dynamo team became my inspiration to learn swimming better , even though I stayed at the slowest pool lane for most of the time! Maria’s ability to explain everything

The Bike
– Can I ever do the Gaps? – I asked her in April 2015
September 2015: Haley was rolling back-n-forth while I climbed , slow-slow-slow, my first Gap – the Neel’s gap . She was cheering me “You are doing great! “, giving me advice on body positioning on bike.
I did get better on bike. Couple of miles plus in avg speed plus tons of feeling easy on bike instead of clinging to the bars for dear life. Doing 3 Gaps twice. Doing centuries as train rides.

I did not have to scale down on being out there – I could still have that much fun and time on my bike or swimming or running, and still progress. I saw daily training twicked, calculated, measured, reflected at dashboards in a neat geometric pattern, and adjusted for me personally with personal comments. I travelled around the Globe. Twice within couple of month in summer. And Haley helped me to maintain my fitness without losing a bit, so that I get back on when I returned to Atlanta. I saw my schedule being adjusted and balanced out through the year in a ways I would have never guessed to balance it out. Calculated precision focused on specific target.

I did not need a coach “to be accountable to” – I could be accountable to myself 3 times more then I would ever need to be accountable to anybody. (And run myself to the ground) I did the workounts just because I can not NOT do a workout when there is a workout in schedule. Just recently a friend from DYNAMO reminded me : a core workout at the back of Boeing during the overseas flight from India to US – check.
I did not need a coach to “push me through limits” – I needed a coach to share the knowledge I was searching for and to just merely give a slightest hint that there is MORE out there: and then I would not see any limits. I needed somebody to tell me when I can go have fun ALL OUT . and when I need to scale down in a rhythmic way of weeks with 8 to 22 hours of training in it.

I did not need a coach on nutrition – I wanted to learn that part on my own, and, with help of a friend, I did.
I was so blessed to be guided every day of 2015 by the knowledge, the vision and SO MUCH FUN only Haley can turn any workout into in a precise mathematical way that spoke to mathematician in me. The digits were fun!
Right now, as Haley is pushing through another Impossible: doing Kona after she had an accident being hit by car while on bike Her positive response, her beam of laughs after the accident overpowers all possible responses to the event. Incredible. This world needs the inspiration named Haley.
I am getting ready for my 3d Ironman.
Regardless how it will go: I am already there. I already had and amazing year of swim-bike-run in 2015. And looking for more in 2016

Thank you, coach.

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