2015: the year of VITALITY


exuberant physical strength or mental vigor:

capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence:
power to live or grow:

Russian avatarakali.livejournal blog post on 2015


Stars form from clouds of interstellar gas and dust which collapse due to their own gravity. When the core of a newborn star becomes sufficiently hot and dense, hydrogen begins to fuse into helium providing a very powerful energy source. Stars are held up against gravitational collapse by pressure forces. This is known as hydrostatic equilibrium. Eventually no hydrogen remains in the core of the star and the star will begin to collapse again. Other energy sources (such as fusion of helium, carbon, and heavier elements) may hold the star up for a time, but ultimately all energy sources are used up.

At this point the star suffers from one of two possible fates, depending on its mass. Low mass stars (like the Sun) shed their outer layers in a so-called “planetary nebula,” while the inner core collapses to form a “white dwarf” star. Higher mass stars undergo a huge supernova explosion in which the outer layers are violently expelled, leaving behind a very dense “neutron star” or black hole.

Either way, the outer regions of the star are returned to the interstellar medium where they contribute to the formation of the next generation of stars.

(с) NASA summarizes the basic life cycle of stars


This blog was started in mid-2014. I wanted to share on the Radiance of the year with my English-speaking friends back then.  Turns out – I will keep it in 2015, posting on random thoughts and observations on LIFE, Triathlon etc etc.

The idea of One word resolution is not new: I started “naming” my years since 2012, and here’s how it worked. I did not intend it to be following any pattern, but a friend of mine, a physicist, compared the pattern with the one of a star lifecycle. I liked that!

2012: the year of “GRAVTATION”: I’ve summoned up my skills, pulled inwards, closed up, reviewed my strengths, gathered up evidence of what I can do well enough.

2013: – the year of “EXPLOSION” – I used my summoned power for expanding the ranges of my activities, I rocked at Half-Ironman triathlons, ran alot, and shaped up my team at work. The explosion did leave some “lack holes” behind though!

2014 was bound to be the “RADIANCE” year. Words are not enough to describe the power of the Light I felt through the year. I was blessed and blessed and blessed with the ultimate happiness and feeling acute-alive. . I shared on the light – with dozens of friends: a generous gift of the Universe  in 2014. I’ve completed 2 Ironman events and somewhat more then dozen of smaller events. I created the base for my further development as a triathlete and as a professional in IT.

So here’s what I knew by the end of 2014: that

  • 2015 will be the year of VITALITY.

I want to use all the experience I got through this “life cycle” in order to share of LIFE, support it, nurture it, explore it. To get stronger and better in triathlon, at work, to find a perfect Equilibrium in personal life. (don’t we all?)

On Dec 31st 2014 I’ve washed off 2014 during the famous 7-10-15K options DYNAMO Multisport “New Year Eve Extravaganza” 9K swim

(was targeting for 10, but had some technical issues after 9th K)

On Jan 1st, after 10 mile run am + 1 hour bike,  I’ve plunged into the Alatoona Lake waters together with other crazy people, at the yearly famous local  “Pillowman Polar Bear plunge”. By doing that I was sealing up the list of my 2015 goals scrapped on a tiny Michal Negrin stationary piece of paper.



For my yearly goals I will continue using the tool I started using in 2009 : found at some Russian blog, “the method ofa chair” proved to keep my development steady and balanced once it’s sorted by 4, not 2 or 3 sub-areas.

I keep my goals sorted by four areas:

  • Professional
  • Personal
  • Hobby
  • Other activities

Keeping it short! 

  • Professional

Time Management tools, PMI implementation, PM Software

Fearless leadership!

  • Personal

Equilibrium of mind, body, spirit progress: I was somewhat unbalanced in 2014!

  • Hobbies

Get back to photography, vegan / raw-vegan recepies – and share the results with friends!

Translations from English to Russian – love this process.

  • Other activities – TRIATHLON

IMLOU – October 11th

Destin 50 miler – Feb 14th

IMCHO/2 – 70.3 fun half-iron at my beloved Chattanooga

Swim Around Key West 12 miler swim – June 7th

+ whatever smaller events, FA 50K Stone Mountain run maybe etc etc would come up with




Liz is one of the most AMAZING friends I’m so blessed with!!!



No, I did not want to participate in “who will stay in cold water the longest”. In and out!




The best New Year toast in my entire life EVER!!! – with bubbled apple juice


Be here, present, now. Experience life right at this moment, live it up and pass it on!

Happy 2015!

4 thoughts on “2015: the year of VITALITY

  1. I didn’t realize you named each year. I love vitality (of Spirit for me…he he). Did you see mine is GLOW 🙂 Enjoyed reading this whole blog 🙂 🙂

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