Energy levels and sharing the LIFE on

The more I train the more energy I have. It’s released through when I am not training. I did an Olympic distance triathlon for the fun of it this weekend, sharing the even with couple of dozens of fellow triathletes. And while being out there I was wrapping my mind around one phenomena: an amazing thing happens as I start sharing these sparkles of energy with people around me –  they carry it on. They take their steps forward, reflecting the spark , turning it into something actual , real. I hear “I started running cause I read your blog” ( the Russian one) or “I did 5 miles today after we talked”. This energy exchange goes in both directions



Once, at a day when I was a bit down, a Shawna asked if somebody would join her for a run in morning. I didn’t plan any massive workout for that morning, it would probably be some 3-miler with whatever pace. But then I got myself out to the Riverside and saw one of the most amazing summer sunrises. I shared the run with the friend and eventually almost PRed at 5 miler.

The idea of the Happyness Jar night , the gathering people I met at my place worked out even so much better then I could imagine

For all the evening my home was filled with laughter, talks, sharing food, sharing stories, plans, past travels, sharing – LIFE.  Friendly hugs – “Clapping of friendly angel wings on my shoulders ”.

I kept thinking: my life is so blessed with the chance of meeting people close to my heart at this point of my journey. I was listening to all the talks, feeling my friends presence around close to me, thinking – it’s pure magic! It’s the only real thing out there – eyes shining with happiness when we meet, girls chatter, guys exchanging meaningful stories and experiences, laughter and quieter moments when someone tells their stories.

Last night the world was shocked by passing away of an amazing extraordinary person, Robin Williams. As I browsed through the Facebook feed, I didn’t get it at first, why does everybody quote his saying

I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel alone.

Read on about sharing LIFE with people, lifting people up and the brightness of sparkles ignited

I figured it many years ago, but at the span of few recent years  I  often forgot about it. Sometimes I given in to social pressures feeling obliged to be with people I felt alone with. I have recently changed my life exactly at the point when feeling alone with other people was no longer acceptable for me.

It could be some other event , but in my case it taken a sign up for the Ironman to get the abundance of Life rushing back in the form of meaningful human connections with kindred-spirit people. Surrounded by people alike, be it for a few moments or months or years – I am never isolated from “the tribe” anymore.

A fellow runner and a blogger written a brilliant post recently: Go… LIVE!

I would carry it further on: GO ….LIVE and share this LIFE with others! Lift them up and let them know you care. Give back, do good and through it to water.

“The greatest exercise there is reaching out and lifting other people up “


Cause time will pass on, centuries will erase even the bits of memories of your existence on the planet, but what will stay at the end of the day is the essence of  all there is, things eternal and no-sh..t real: the amount of love you shared, the brightness of life sparkles you’ve ignited , the bang out of life you carried on through the days of your life. Do it not for the sake of “not ending up alone” but for the sake of life itself. Live up every moment and share the life energy on with others who get it. Cause that’s all there is.


The weekend triathlon wasn’t the best for me in terms of performance. But being out there with people I connect with, seeing friends off to swim, passing by on bike, giving high fives on the run and hearing cheering from the best spectators there is and then welcomed to chill out times with the group – was one the most fulfilling life experiences for me.

“Sometimes having the best time is not about performance at all”



Music of the day: “If today was your last day” by Nickelblack

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