“Positivity Challenge”-2. The Happiness Jar – it’s all about people

Elizabeth Gilbert introduced the idea about happiness jars in May 2013. Later on she followed it up with with some more elaboration on what Happiness Jar is about  . And even wikihow got an article about the concept on how to keep the Happiness Jar. 

“A happiness jar is a project inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. It’s a simple way of reminding yourself every day of the good that came out of your day, even if the day has been a challenge.”



I’ve got 2 jars nurtured and watched daily in my kitchen:


I’ve started the jar in the beginning of 2014, daily maintaining the notes. With time I noticed that a note for each day marked some activity is genially tagged with a name. A name of a person , somebody who made this happy event outstanding. That’s when I saw the practical measurable expression of core of human reality: it’s all about people. When you see the names of people noted down daily on a pile of paper – it becomes obvious like never before. That’s all there is: our daily moments of happiness shared with people.

– You should gather the notes at the end of the year and invite everybody from these notes for a New Year 2015 party! – said Sydney, the author of simplewithsyd blog

I thought:

– Why wait till the end of the year? 

So now I am trying to gather the people in August.


So that people from different circles of life I know get to know each other, get connected, share fun moments of life, maybe something good will come out of it! It’s summer times and a busy time for triathletes, and many of my friends are. But if at least few people would be happy to meet each other: that would be the practical implementation of the Happiness Jar idea shared on. 

So, who made your day today? 

2 thoughts on ““Positivity Challenge”-2. The Happiness Jar – it’s all about people

  1. For starters, Nadya made my day by thinking about how you have such a sincere heart or love for others! 🙂 That is part of the greatest commandment 🙂 My husband made my day with his silliness early in the day. My friend Sharon.

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