Tenacity, saturation and minimalism


 the quality or fact of being very determined; determination.
the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence               .

With all the long weekend for the 4th of July coming up:

How often do you find yourself waking up wishing to sleep more?
Trust this sleep deprived triathlete going through the 20 hours training week – I know what it feels like!

However: each night I can’t wait to wake up – again. “When the reality is so much better then your dreams” – said somebody. I know I might have had less sleep, or have a grueling workout scheduled. Or a couple of early morning conferences to attend with another side of the world. Or some personal items to respond to. But each morning I wake up with a smile. Eager to get moving. Anxious to find out what’s next. I don’t press on snooze on my alarm (unless I don’t remember that I did! )

I’m an early bird. Lucky to get the best part of the day: when all the world is not yet there, but I am.

Like – here:



The saturated colors of sunrise , at a  run up the Stone Mountain one morning:

taken me 14 min , and I want to do it again!

The clean morning air highlighted by glares of the rising sun – peace on Earth…

What helped me to pass through my 50Ks (Nashville 2013, Destin 50 and Dauset Trails 30 miler on June 7th) is the understanding – you just keep moving forward

Occasionally I even get to share the early morning events! With bunch of athletes, some of them being early birds, some – not so much. And then (it’s called Triathlon) – it’s my kind of party: with all the loud music on at 5am, the hustle and balance of mosaics at transitions, the spring ready to push on – turning into an Event.

A distance we call – Sprint, Olympic, Half – you name it. Haven’t tried The Full yet.

This weekend was the most fun of all: I did not have expectations about my Chattanooga Waterfront Olympic Distance Triathlon. I just went out there and had the most fun of all, surrounded by friends living the same Adventure.


North Georgia Triathlon Club represented at the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon 2014

Cause that’s all there is: the living through the bright experiences of life and sharing them with the ones who are like you. Who get it. Who dig the same sh… .

I’ve shed off things in my life recently: we are talking minimalism and mindfulness

  • Things at home.
  • Work
  • Social communication

And what it had brought is – life rushed back in filling in the emptied space with brighter saturated colors, with people and events. Crystal sharp clarity had outlined each new encounter. Every item around has a meaning. Trying, just trying, to live every moment mindfully. Thankful for every sunrise, for every talk to a friend.

Not each day goes great, but when it doesn’t – I know, there will be another one I can share with people.
I keep on pushing through, taking the next step up and keeping that balance.



‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.’



I’ve got Pikes Peak Half to do in Colorado on August 16th.
And an Ironman Chattanooga in September.

I’d better keep on moving.

P.S. A random collection of pics taken by mobile while on the runs or rides out there:



@Vickery Creek trails



The Stone Mountain loop



Everything will be OK!




Chattanooga at the Waterfront day




P.P.S. And I’ve got a bike ride to share on 4th.

“Keep moving forward”

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