Disclaimer: what this blog will be about

It’s about the time to define what this blog will be about. It will be my way of sharing life with possible readers. It will be about things I love, things which make my life. Let’s see the list: (for now I’m placing links for my livejournal in Russian for some subjects )


  • Professional : I’m in IT, specialized in software integration, testing, with interest in Project Management. I’m _in_relationship_ with my work, with all ups and downs and the spectrum of small events in between. I get a drive out of seeing information systems, and system modules getting settled in, debugged and set free to live their own purposeful life. So part of this blog might refer to my professional area.
  • Triathlon: my passion, my lifestyle.

    Running is my first love.Besides that I do get out there for swimming a lot. I’m also constantly challenging myself trying to improve as a cyclist. I love the complicated beauty of triathlon mosaics – I enjoy watching the harmony of the sport. I enjoy watching all the pieces of training fall together at races into a structured mosaics.I’ve signed up for Ironman Chattanooga. This event is already changing my life, it has started changing my life since the moment I realized I’m going to do it. The journey to Ironman is incredible, empowering and inspiring. I will try to share about steps I’m taking on this journey in this blog as well.
  • Food : I’m vegan and trying to be mostly raw-vegan. I made a sample book of Indian food recipes in Russian. Now working on gathering a similar book on vegan food
  • Photography: I am a fan of ocean, I love taking pictures of everything oceanic . I do some food-photostyling as a hobby, not professional though
  • Translation of interesting articles from English to Russian: something that gives me
  • My faith in Jesus : it might show up here in the blog here and there
  • All the random stuff I might possible notice around and would love to share: I’ve been around The Globe, seen different cultures (much observed while living in Cyprus and sharing Indian culture in my life)
    I love sharing the experiences of this life, sharing inspiration: music , humor , my travels , all the fun stuff!

Let me know what would you like to have inspired about?

3 thoughts on “Disclaimer: what this blog will be about

  1. What would I like to be inspired about? I think you’re covering it! 🙂 The one who made is all (the Lord!), PEOPLE (they’re the best) & all the amazing sites that you capture and share….because your LOVE OF LIFE comes through and that does inspire me!! 🙂

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